Spectre 230mm Case Fan (Black)


Spectre 230mm Case Fan (Black)

The black Spectre 230mm Case Fan from BitFenix offers silent operation and maximum airflow. It keeps the entire system well-ventilated without making any sound. The Spectre fan is designed with sickle-shaped fan blades, which enhance airflow without producing excess noise. Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) reduce friction for long life and quiet operation, while the matte finish gives your entire system an enhanced look.

Sickle-shaped fan blades create a torrent of air without creating excess noise. This means that your system stays cool, without disturbing your computing environment.
Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) technology keeps the system running smoothly by reducing friction, for long life and silent operation.
The fan is made out of thermoplastic crystalline polymer, which lends a matte finish.
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Spectre 230mm Case Fan (Black)

Technical data

Category PC fan
Fan size 230 mm
Noise emission (max.) 20 dB (A)
Air discharge 165.3 m³/h
Rotational speed (max.) 900 rpm
Type of bearing Fluid dynamic bearing
Connection 3-pin
Colour Black
Weight 390 g
Width 230 mm
Height 230 mm
T 30 mm
Content 1 pc(s)


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