Roccat Kiro Gaming Mouse


Roccat Kiro Gaming Mouse

The KIRO is light, at just 103 grams, and is compact as well. It stands only 30mm in height, 67mm wide, and 120mm in length from front to back.

The sides of this mouse are highly textured and can offer two buttons on either side. The reason we say “can offer” is because the KIRO comes with two SIDEPARTS. This allows the user to blank out either side, both sides, or leave it as it ships, with four side buttons to utilize.

The majority of the mouse is made of plastic, but the top section is painted with a rubberized coating to ensure that your sweaty hand is not the limiting factor in making all the right moves.

All told, there are ten buttons including the scroll wheel abilities, and once SWARM is installed, you can customize all of them or as few of them as you want.

It has 20g Acceleration and hot swappable Side Panels

Available on backorder

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Roccat Kiro Gaming Mouse

The Kiro Modular Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse from ROCCAT is an upgraded version of the Lua gaming mouse.

The two mice share many of the same features, but what sets the Kiro apart are the additional options and customization that it offers.

Made for left- and right-handed gamers, this mouse has removable side panels with buttons that offer an ideal setup for your specific needs.

To ensure durability, Kiro is built with OMRON switches and a 2D Titan Wheel, and is covered by an all-around soft-touch surface to eliminate sweat and fatigue during prolonged use.

Kiro’s Pro-Optic R2 sensor features Overdrive to provide double the sensitivity of the 2000 dpi sensor, for up to 4000 dpi effective.

This extra power is possible thanks to the Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM-based MCU built into the mouse.

To add character, there’s an illuminated logo on the rear of the mouse that has 16.8 million color options. The colors are be configured using the ROCCAT Swarm software. Using the software enables configuration and customization for all your ROCCAT products.


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