MSI Interceptor DS4200 Gaming Keyboard


MSI Interceptor DS4200 Gaming Keyboard

MSI has, with the DS4200 keyboard, continued their signature design style, as it fits in perfectly with the rest of the MSI product range. You’d be hard-pressed to find a non-MSI mouse that’d complement the look of this keyboard. It pines for matching MSI products, so much so that tomorrow I’ll be wearing my MSI T-shirt, underwear and cap whilst sipping coffee from an MSI mug. The DS4200’s aesthetic involves angular corners, sharp edges, glossy (alongside matte) black plastic finishing, and an integrated, textured wrist rest. There’s a feel of overall luxury, and this board isn’t only good for gaming – it’s also perfect for day-to-day use, such as typing up this review.

The water-repellent materials used in its construction don’t mean that your beer or coffee should be used in combination with this keyboard to pull off cool party tricks, but it’s perfect for accidental spillage. Definitely don’t submerge the DS4200 in a beer vat, though. It utilises a standard 104/105 key layout, with a full-size number pad. It’s a fairly large keyboard, weighing in at a touch over one kilogram. And did someone say solid?


MSI Interceptor DS4200 Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard Design :- Gaming
Keyboard Color :- Black
Backlit Keyboard :- RGB Illuminated
Keyboard Features
  • Numeric Keypad
    Water Resistant
    N-Key Rollover (NKRO)
Number of Keys :-104
Function Keys :- 12
Multimedia Keys :- 12
Connectivity :-Wired
Interface :- USB
Palm Rest :- Yes
PC Operating Systems Supported
  • Windows 10/8/7

Width :- 18.60 in. (472.44 mm)

Depth :- 8.09 in. (205.49 mm)

Height :- 1.53 in. (38.86 mm)


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