HDMI Joiner Adapter


HDMI Joiner Adapter

Joins Two HDMI Cables Together With Ease!

This HDMI Joiner (Female to Female) is a cost effective solution which facilitates a connection between two standard HDMI cables. This effectively increases the total transmission distance while using existing HDMI cables.

As this adapter is simply passing the signal from one cable to the next, all HDMI compliant resolutions and audio formats are supported. This adapter is compact to ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of installation requirements

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HDMI Joiner Adapter


  • HDMI Female to HDMI Female to Easily Join Two HDMI Cables
  • Connectors Made From Copper for Superior Conductivity
  • Compatible with HDMI Version 2.0b
  • Backwards Compatible with all Previous HDMI Versions
  • Compact Design


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