Creative Nuno Micro Bluetooth Speaker


Creative Nuno Micro Bluetooth Speaker

The Creative NUNO micro is derived from nuno, a Japanese word for cloth. It is distinguished by its cube-sized form factor, and fabric that define fuss-free functionality and timeless minimalist aesthetic.

Small and easy to use, this is a piece of tiny wonder that complements your home, office or a mobile lifestyle.


Creative Nuno Micro Bluetooth Speaker

  • FIT FOR FASHION – Clothed in finely woven fabric, the Creative NUNO micro’s simple design is derived from nuno, a Japanese word for cloth that sets the inspiration for the fuss-free simplicity, and timeless minimalist aesthetic.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPEAKER DRIVER – Wherever you’re going, you can enjoy quality audio that’s enough to impress your friends – thanks to the high-performance speaker driver.
  • EASY-TO-USE AND INTUITIVE CONTROL BUTTONS – There’s no need to complicate your life with complex buttons to control your music playback. Just reach out for the raised control buttons on the top panel and enjoy.
  • SPEAKERPHONE FOR VOICE CALLS – Connect your phone via Bluetooth, and you can take calls hands-free even when you’re listening to your music.
  • FOUR HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE AND CHARGES CONVENIENTLY VIA USB – It plays for four hours on a single charge and charges conveniently via a micro USB port cable on a regular USB power adapter or a computer USB port.


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