Cooler Master Masterpulse Gaming Headset


Cooler Master Masterpulse Gaming Headset

Patented Bass FX technology – Exclusive bass effect design lets you apply a responsive bass boost by simply putting on, or taking off the side panels

In-line remote control box – Easily adjust volume and microphone settings

Convenient mobility – Hidden microphone and analog four pole plug fits most mobile devices and the extra adaptor (Y-Splitter) is included for PC use.

Extreme comfort – Extra padded ear cups with suspension headband ensures both high comfort and great passive noise cancellation

Tangle-free flat cable – Designed for improved portability and less tangles when putting the headset away



Cooler Master Masterpulse Gaming Headset

The new MasterPulse makes everything bigger, rocking an over-ear design that promises premium quality and affordable prices for mobile and desktop audio.

On top of a full suite of advanced components, 2.0 channel (stereo) audio and 44mm drivers, MasterPulse over-ear headset features Bass FX – removable magnetic side panels that allows you to customize your audio experience. Remove the panels to open up the sound and increase the bass, or close them for passive noise isolation and accented highs.

A hybrid open/closed design will allow you to pick the tone you desire the most, ensuring you get the best out of your movies, music and games in any environment!

“Removing the covers will open up the sound and enhance bass tones, thereby activating ‘Bass FX’, while adding on the covers, closing the ported design, will increase the treble and passive noise isolation. Bass FX is a hardware solution and thereby doesn’t require any battery or software control.”



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