A4TECH SecureFit Metallic Earphones


A4TECH SecureFit Metallic Earphones.

Sound Isolating.

Sound Isolating design naturally blocks background noise, allowing you to listen to music at lower volumes even in loud environments.

Secure Fit Design.

The soft sleeves securely fit to your ears to creat a comfortable wearing, so that the earphones don’t fall out while you are exercising.

Light Weight Ear Bud.

It directs sound into ear canal for deep bass and extended frequency response.



A4TECH SecureFit Metallic Earphones

A4TECH SecureFit Metallic Wired-In-Ear Earphones. With an ultra-light frame, they can be used all day without discomfort. These earphones provide a comfortable fit with rubber ear plugs. Enjoy clear sound and optimum performance with these durable earphones by A4 Tech.A4 Tech MK 650 Earphones – Hi-Fi sound quality for an enhanced listening experience

To enjoy clear, Hi-Fi sound, you need A4 Tech’s MK 650 earphones. Connect these earphones to your mobile phones, desktop computers or laptops while you to listen to music or watch a movie. A 10mm speaker produces dynamic sound so you enjoy the best audio quality.

A4 Tech’s MK 650 earphones come with a special rubber-coated wire for hassle-free use. Whether you store these earphones in your shirt or trouser pocket, you always get an untangled wire for instant use.



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