About Us

PC Sales and Gaming Solutions:- selling PCs, notebooks and printers from well known brands leaders Repair Solutions:- our staff are minimum A+ certified, who repair PCs & notebooks at very reasonable prices. Office Solutions:- no secretary?, let our staff do your typing, faxing, create your business cards, leaflets and certificates. Internet Cafe:- Experience fast Internet Speeds with speeds up to 8192 Kbps DSL, No more waiting for your sites to load. Plus you only pay for the time you use with our per minute billing system. You can connect to our WiFi on your own laptop.

Our Desktops

Our Hard Drives

Our Inks


We offer a large number of services here at Direct Technology Solutions. With our friendly staff, we will make sure that you will want to come back again.

Internet Cafe

Tired of slow internet?????? Well come and send emails and surf the internet with our 8 mbps Line.

PC Repairs

We fix all types of laptop and desktop computers. We have you covered.


Have documents that need to be typed? Let us do that while you shop or simply just have a cup of coffee.

Online Shop

We even make it easier for you to shop. Why come to us when we will bring your item to you. Visit our online store.

Hard Drive Back Ups

Do you have items/documents that are extremely important and need to back it up?

Let us assist you!

Laptop Services

Is your laptop running slow? Or perhaps you need to have a clean install redone? Our Skilled staff will be more than happy to assist you!